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My name is Duain Kelaart, I am a passionate self-taught artist who started drawing from the age of roughly 5. I have experimented with acrylic paint, Windsor & Newton markers, air-dry clay, paper mache and aluminium foil sculpting.

My journey started with basic pencil sketches on paper but early-on I was drawn to a sculptor's work called Dan Reeder. This prompted an intuitive direction shift in my art and makes it easier for me nowadays to achieve my visions when they incorporate sculpture. I think this early direction shift benefitted me as an artist because I believe acrylic painting is a bit more forgiving and may take less time to learn. Still, additive sculpture with the pliable materials I use would be more forgiving than subtractive sculpture.

In the last couple of years I have had great fun combining many of those mediums into a cohesive whole. I love advancing my art and gaining new perspectives on my pieces. Currently, though I have not been directly working on art as much but I have been learning electronics in SFX applications on the side whilst studying an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design at Swinburne University of Technology. I think this will have long-term benefits to my creativity and the mind-opening aspect of knowing the possibilities for future artworks/creations!

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